Hiveworks Comics


The Comic:

In 1908 Manhattan, Evelyn Reuter struggles to find her place in the life left to her by her late father - until she meets Margot, a mysterious and eccentric shopkeeper, at the center of her unanswered questions. As the two grow closer, Eve is faced with a tempting distraction from all her grief and uncertainty, and a new question is raised by Margot's own vampiric secret: 

What sort of person falls in love with a monster?

Obelisk is a Gothic horror/romance intended for readers 16 and up, and will at several points contain blood, nudity, and the sexuality and dark themes common in the vampire genre. 

The Author:

Ashley McCammon (she/her) is a 30-something cartoonist, butch lesbian, horror fan, and possibly a real life vampire. She owns far too many copies of Dracula, and has built Margot's antiques store in her Animal Crossing house.

You can find her on Tumblr and Instagram, or support her and the comic on Patreon and Kofi!