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Posted October 11, 2023 at 1:00 am

Long time no see there, new friend : )


Some fun news! To celebrate Halloween, my most favorite time of year, I've made my entire digital comics library 50% off all month long - including the ebook for chapter 1! 

All sales from my itchio shop support me directly, so go enjoy some extra vampires and monster girls this spooky season!


There's also a new timelapse video up today on Patreon! I've been getting back into recording my process now and then, as folks who follow me on instagram might have noticed. You can take a peek at some of my other process from the same page over there too~

That's all for this week - I'm very psyched that this scene is starting up on the main site! Vampire time for Halloween, baybee! <3

Tags: Rose, Margot