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Page 121
Posted December 6, 2023 at 1:00 am

I'm taking some time off to enjoy the holidays and acclimate to a new job schedule, so this will be the last page for 2023!  Updates will resume first thing on January 3rd. Have a wonderful new year, everyone!

If you haven't grabbed a copy of the remastered Chapter One ebook yet - it is currently part of the Cartoonist Co-op bundle on itchio! You can get SO many comics for just $25, Obelisk included~ 

As always you can check out the Patreon to support the comic directly, and get a look at what comes next! A write-up about this dandy look of Margot's and my process on these pages is available here!

This month, I'm sharing my development on Chapter 3 - including part of a long-awaited conversation between Margot and Eve. ;> 

You can read that on Patreon and Kofi soon - otherwise, see you all in 2024! 

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