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Posted December 13, 2017 at 9:00 am

Edit: Patreon has announced they’re not rolling out their proposed fee changes just a bit ago today. I’ll still be looking for alternatives, though!

As some of you may have heard about already, Patreon announced some changes to their fee structure in the coming weeks and there’s been a lot of blowback about it from most creators. I made a post about it over on the Obelisk Patreon page. For the time being, I do want to continue using Patreon and making things worthwhile there, but I’ll be looking into other options as well. No matter what, I want my readers to know how important they are – your support means a great deal to me!

Also, you may have noticed I renumbered the comic so the pages don’t restart at chapter 1. Sorry if it caused any confusion!

Thanks for reading as always~

Tags: Evelyn, David