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Posted April 3, 2024 at 12:00 am

This post was originally shared on Patreon in December 2023. I'm sharing all of my chapter 3 development with Patrons now - the first couple of pages will be live very soon!

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There are only 3 pages remaining for chapter 2, and I've been busy plotting what's to come! 

Chapter 3 revolves around Margot and Eve over the course of several weeks, as they meet repeatedly in conversations about their lives (with certain elements thoughtfully left out, of course.)  

A big part has been the beginning of these meetings, though - the reason Evelyn chose to come see Margot again, after being brushed aside so briskly before. Even though she isn't entirely sure of her own reasoning when she first arrives... It has its way of coming up in the moment, after her uncomfortable conversation with Alexander.

Margot is visibly well-off, and seems to be running her shop by herself, by some clever turn of fate... Surely she must have something to advise Eve on! Right?