Hiveworks Comics
The CH1 Ebook!
Posted October 1, 2022 at 1:00 am

Hello everyone!!! I'm back here in time for Halloween season with a big announcement - you can now get Obelisk's first chapter, plus 10 pages of extra art, notes and sketches, in ebook form!

This edition is remastered, with original pieces of script that I had altered added back in, and new artwork and layouts for book format! I plan to only include these changes in print and digital collections of the comic, to preserve the reading experience here as I originally shared it - and to keep something special for the books! 

This project kept me going and gave me a lasting connection to Obelisk when I was in the thick of not being able to draw this year, and I poured my heart into putting it together. I hope it makes the comic more accessible for those who don't like reading online/a page at a time, and that you all enjoy reading it as much as I did making it!

And in other great news, after 2 years of serious problems with my drawing hand, I am back to making art safely and comfortably (and a little bit more slowly) at long last - if you'd like to read ahead, I'll be sharing pages with Patrons & Kofi Members until CH2 is complete and CH3 has begun! I hope to return to regular updates here sometime in 2023 - fingers crossed!