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Obelisk's 5th Anniversary!
Posted February 15, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Hello everyone! Updating you from hiatus-land to celebrate - today is Obelisk's 5th launch birthday! 

I've been making this comic since late 2015, launched in February of 2017, and despite all the breaks and stumbling blocks, I'm so deeply proud of it. And I hope that I can be an example to anyone wanting to make a webcomic - that you can do this even without a clockwork update schedule, because it's something you really love and want to see out there in the world! 

I've updated the Extras gallery with some early development art - folks who've followed me since the Tumblr days might remember some of it ;) It's been very fun to look back on and see how far the story and my artwork has come in all this time.

Some other quick news & reminders: 
Pages up to 110 are live already on Patreon and Kofi. (the above is a preview of several panels from those pages!) I'm sharing the comic exclusively with supporters until chapter 2 is complete and chapter 3 is in progress. 

To celebrate the anniversary proper, I've unlocked "Antiquities", a short piece about visiting a certain familiar curiosity shop. ;)

You can also read "Debt", a free short story for my 1950s lesbian mafia project, Outrun the Fox!

If you'd like to see more like this, I'm regularly sharing my writing and development work with Midnight Snack supporters on Patreon & Kofi! 

It's been a difficult road in the past year or two between my injury and the pandemic, and I'm still finding my feet. I hope to be back in the saddle reliably sometime this year, but in the meantime - thanks for reading <3