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2021 Update Schedule
Posted February 3, 2021 at 1:00 am

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a safe and happy year so far. 

On my end, I'm still working at a slower pace than I'm used to, finding a new comfort zone so I don't kick in my RSI again. It's been a good couple of months to reassess and get much-needed mental and physical rest, and I'm dying to get back to Obelisk again! However, I'll be doing so at a pace that's safe and comfortable for me.

I also haven't had a buffer of more than 2-3 months since the year the comic launched, and I would like to get back to working a half-year or more ahead of what's live.

So! The comic will be staying on public hiatus until September, and hopefully this means no more hiatuses for a long time after that. For Patrons, I'll be updating new pages as I finish them, right up until the chapter is done!

As some already know, the Patreon got a bit of a revamp for 2021, with more specific tier breakdowns and fun stuff to come!

Patreon content now has a cool new home right on this site! Early access pages show up in the same format that regular ones do, making for easier archive reading.

And the new home for the backstage blog is something I'm particularly excited about - it's a lot easier than fighting Patreon's back end to share my research and development on the comic. I'll be using this to share my revisions and development for this chapter's coming scenes, and the eventual planning of chapter 3 with Midnight Snack folks. 

For the time being, a sketchbook-heavy behind the scenes post is live about Dean, my costuming choices for him, and his strange connection to Margot. I'd love to know what you think!

And for news unrelated to the comic itself: I was fortunate enough during this break to do the art for a very cool TTRPG project called Low Stakes - a casual, game master-free tabletop game inspired by the What We Do In The Shadows franchise. If you want to get into a roleplay-heavy, rules-light game of monster antics (or just RP as your own version of Margot, I certainly can't stop you), the Kickstarter is live right now! Check it out! 

That's all for right now - Obelisk's anniversary is 2/15, so in case I don't post before then, thank you for reading the comic for *four whole years*, and for your support and kind comments, especially during these bonkers pandemic times. Take care of yourselves <3 

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